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- Severus/Lucius Romance

Severus/Lucius Romance
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Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy Romance
The Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy ship community

Due to spam from various spam bots it has been necessary to make membership moderated. We do not exclude anyone - except for the spam bot journals, obviously. So please have patience - you'll be approved as soon as humanly possible. However, the mod has a life that is not 24/7 at LJ. ;0)
We do NOT accept empty or brand new journals that look as if they are created solely for spamming. If you think you've been declined unfairly you can PM us and give us a reason why we should let you in.

severus_lucius is for fiction, art, icons, vids and discussions related to the pairing Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy. Het, slash and solo are tolerated allowed, as is any combination of Lucius/Snape/other. However, the main focus must be on the Lucius/Severus relationship. So Lucius/Narcissa is fine if there is mainly Lucius/Severus later on, just like a fic about Lucius/Severus/whomever is fine, as long as it evolves around Lucius' and Severus' relationship. If you are in doubt, ask.

The Rules:

- Severus/Lucius must be the main pairing. If you are writing about their friendship, it has to be the focus of the fic/art/entry. If we don't think that is the case, you'll be asked to remove the entry.

- Please use the following heading when posting fic or art. Items marked with a * are mandatory:

- Please, tag your entry with the existing tags. If you need a specific tag ask. Email snapelike at gmail dot com.

- Please use an lj-cut. All artwork, and other non-text messages must be behind a cut.

- Do not post a link to another journal. We want the actual entry here, on severus_lucius. Feel free to f-lock your post, if you want to, but no linking to other journals. Broken links are a bore.

- No crossovers or RPS, i.e. Jason Isaacs/Alan Rickman.
Please limit everything to the Harry Potter universe.

- If thou pimpeth thy community, fic or...
Community pimping is not allowed. No posting for the sole purpose of pimping. If you need a Lucius or a Snape for an RP you may advertise once, but no banners, no fancy fonts, no sparkly letters. Violation of this rule will get your post deleted.

- All fics must use proper spelling and punctuation.
We're not demanding that every fic is checked by three different beta-readers and Brit-picked on top of that, just that it is readable without making our heads hurt, okay? Punctuation is your friend. Punctuation and proper use of caps and spelling tell the reader how to interpret the text. There's a big difference between 'eats, shoots and leaves' and 'eats shoots and leaves', as well as 'I helped my uncle jack off the horse' and 'I helped my Uncle Jack off the horse'.
If we think a story does not have adequate spelling, grammar or continuity we do reserve the right to delete it and/or ask the author to resubmit.

- Please refrain from using formatting into other fonts, font colours or sizes than the default unless it is a title or header. I repeat: no sparkly letters, banners or other decoration.

- All NC-17 works must be under cut and with a clear warning/rating. Under-age stories/art must also be f-locked.

- I shall say this only twice: this comm has a tagging system. We want you to use it, especially when it comes to rating and warnings. If you need a new tag for something, PM the mod.

- Anything that begins with "I don't know if the mods allow it..." will be deleted and the poster banned. The mod has an email, snapelike at gmail com, and the community can be contacted easily via PM. So ask. If in doubt, ask.

- You are expected to have read the rules. Checking the user info is a smart thing to do when you join a community, and we can't see why that wouldn't be the case here. We do not want to have to ban anyone - this community is for everybody!

- Any changes to the rules will be announced in the community.


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